For general inquires email

How to get your watch customized:

1. Send us an email with what you are looking to have done.
2. You will receive a reply and shortly after a work order will be emailed to you.
3. Ship your watch to us. (Our shipping address is at the bottom of the work order)

A few more details:

For work requiring diagnosis of a problem:



MotorCity WatchWorks is not responsible for watches that are in transit. We strongly recommend you insure your shipment. We do NOT ship watches without insurance.

Shipping and handling to return your watch is $9.50 for USPS first class mail, includes $200 of insurance. Additional insurance and shipping speeds are available.

Ship cost is for United States only. For international rates please inquire.

We can accept packages from all major carriers (USPS, FedEx, UPS). Signature confirmation upon request.

Shipping your watch in a watch box increases logistics at our end and shipping costs in general, Please do not send any watch boxes or watch paperwork.

The PayPal invoice is confirmation that your watch has arrived. If you are paying with a check or money order we will email a confirmation after your watch gets checked in.


Free part installation is for parts that have to be removed for other work.

For instance if a dial is being replaced the hands will be included in that work. This covers any watch part that has to be removed for existing work.

All labor charges will be clearly explained after you contact us with your requested work.


We will try to respond to all emails and general communication within 12 hours, sometimes this is not possible as much time is spent at the workbench.


If you really need one I just did a watch for my Mom and Dad, haha :-) Seriously though, a quick web search of MCWW or MotorCity WatchWorks will turn up quite a few posts from many happy customers.


We can certainly appreciate the excitement you have for getting your watch returned (in fact we share it), however to make absolutely certain quality is maintained we will not rush jobs out the door.

Current wait times: 8 to 12 weeks for work requiring bead blasting and small lume jobs. 10 to 16 weeks for cerakote and larger lume jobs. 16 to 20 weeks for work such as full restorations of vintage watches, movement services, and more than one watch being worked on.

We will do our best to keep you informed if the work on your watch will exceed this time.

MotorCity WatchWorks is a part time hobby run by a dedicated watch enthusiast. Although I do have some help, 95% of the work is done by myself during nights and weekends.

It is this factor that has the largest impact on turn around times, therefore I do not accept rush jobs or work requiring a dedicated completion date. Please keep this in mind if you have specific timing needs.


Payments can be made by paypal, check, or money order. Payments must be made in full before work will be started or parts shipped.

If paying by personal check or money order please let us know before shipping your watch.


If you decide not to have your watch completed you may request it be returned. It is preferred that the request be made before work the work has started. If the work has already started there will be labor charges based how much work has been completed.

Any and all shipping costs will NOT be refunded, nor will any funds that have been used to purchase parts for your watch. Parts that have already been purchased will be returned with the watch.

Refunds for work not completed will be returned in the manner they were remitted. If payment was through paypal any and all paypal fees for the refund will be the sole responsibility of the paypal account associated with the original payment and or account payment is being made to. This includes the original paypal fee taken from the payment made to motorcitywatchworks. This fee is approximately 3% and will be charged if refund is made after 45 days.


MotorCity WatchWorks warranties all parts we sell on our parts page, all custom work, and movement services for 180 days.

Failure of any part manufactured by us will be replaced or repaired. Movement service warranty does not cover broken parts or water infiltration.

This warranty does not cover abuse or damage to crystals, coatings, finishes or water infiltration. It also does not cover parts purchased from other suppliers.


As much as we would like to be your full service watch shop there are a few services we are not providing at this time:


While Cerakote ceramic coating is extremely durable it is still a coating. And just like PVD, electroplating, etc the surface can be damaged if hit against a hard or rough object. The MotorCity WatchWorks warranty does not cover this type of damage.


We will not share your information with anyone, at any time.


Part prices and labor rates, subject to change without notice.

All prices provided in emailed quote are good for 30 days.

Have a great day!