What is this page for? nothing in particular. Most likely a place where I can put various watch related minutia. Maybe a few links to places of interest (or uninterest). If time allows I'll post some rants about things in the watch world that drive me nuts.

First up:

Q & A with Jay. (I just made that up)

Q: What do you do here at MCWW?

A: We sell new, modded watches. We do totally awesome custom modifications to your watch, and we sell some watch parts.

In the coming months (well, that is the plan anyway) MCWW will be offering very limited production complete watches designed and built right here in the shop.

Q: How do I send my watch in for work?

A: Please turn to the contact page of this website, the details can be found there.

Q: Why can custom work take so long?

A: Well, because it is custom. Meticulous work done by hand with pride of workmanship and attention to detail takes time.

I treat each watch as my own and do my best to make absolutely certain your watch is becoming what you envisioned, for me that is preferable to a rush job.

Q: Is there a phone number for MCWW?

A: Not currently. With the limited hours available to work on watches I can't be on the phone gabbing about watches, nothing would get done :)

Q: Do you have a retail location?

A: At this time we are web based only.

Built Like a Watch.