Work listed below is not all encompassing, it is a general guide to cover some of the more commonly requested work. Please send an email if the work you require isn't listed.

Information on sending your watch to us for work can be found on the Contact page.


Blasting can be done in one of 3 finishes.

High: Has a "liquid metal" look. Not polished but smooth and bright.

Low: Has a lighter appearance than finish 1.

Flat: Has a flat somewhat dull appearance, best used as a contrasting finish on crowns or bezels.

Bead Blasting

NOTE: Blasting will not remove scratches or dents that are into the metal. Low light and flat finish will remove desk diving marks and shallow laser engraving. High light finsh will only removed the faintest of desk diving marks.

Another NOTE: I'm not a great photographer and getting a good pic of these case backs was tough. In person, each of these finishes is smooth in both look and feel. The blasting does not change the color of the metal depending on the finish and lighting the metal only appears darker.

In person, the Low Light finish has the darkest appearance in most lighting. Although all the finishes look real good =) Hope this helps.

Of the 3 finishes, flat is the most sensitive. The finish profile is such that it doesn't take much contact to show "desk diving" marks.

Parts Installation:

Many parts will be installed free if the part is being removed for other services such as blasting or cerakote

Prices are higher for chronographs and other complications, some vintage watches, front loading watches, and watches that have high retail values.

Cerakote (heat cured ceramic based coating):

Current color offerings: Graphite Black, Sniper Gray, Tungsten Gray, Cobalt, Titanium, Crushed silver, Dark Earth, OD Green, Coyote Tan, Benelli Sand, Desert Verde, Blue titanium, SOCOM Blue, Burnt Bronze, Gold, Zombie Green, Sky Blue.

The picture below is not an exact color reference, it is a guide to help you visualize the color differences. For instance the Dark Earth and Coyote Tan look different in the picture, on a watch however, they are much closer with the Dark Earth having a green tone and the Coyote Tan having tan tone. Using this chart and the pictures found on the website you'll be able to get a very good idea of how the colors will look on your watch.

Ceramic Color

NOTE: We are not coating watch bracelets at this time.

Pressure testing:

I have wet and dry testing machines. The dry goes up to 7 ATM, the wet to 11

Lume Work:

Prices vary depending on watch and movement type as well as other work being performed. All lume quotes include labor.

We use Noctilumina luminous paint. Colors (day): orange, green, blue, white, yellow, pink, vintage tan. Custom tints available. Lume glow colors vary, please inquire if you have specific requirements.

Movement Regulation:

Regulations are done in 3 position. You will be provided the position results before and after the regulation.

Case / Bracelet Refinishing:

Due to the varied watch cases and types of watches prices can vary greatly.